Landsharks play TWO tribute shows!
Landshark's Jimmy Buffett Tribute Concert
Landsharks Beach Boys Tribute Concert

The Landsharks have played in concert with BOTH Jimmy Buffett and The Beach Boys!

The Landsharks

       The Landsharks Band is one of the top tribute bands in the world. This tribute band has actually performed with the artists (Jimmy Buffett and also, The Beach Boys) in concert.  The band can play either tribute show, or even play both the Jimmy Buffett Tribute, and also the Beach Boys Tribute.

      The Landshark's credentials are impressive. This tribute band has played all over the world, including shows at The Super Bowl, in Disney, at Universal Studios, Margaritaville, MGM Studios, and at major concerts, with major name acts including Jimmy Buffett, The Beach Boys, Patti Labelle, Pablo Cruise, Alan Jackson, Black-Eyed Peas, Three Dog Night, WAR, Inner Circle, The Tams, The Swinging Medallions, and more. They've also played overseas for the troops. A Landsharks Jimmy Buffett Tribute Concert is fun!

Jimmy Buffett Tribute

The Landsharks have opened up for, backed up, and played in concert, with Jimmy Buffett, at Margaritaville, and also in Key West!

   Beach Boys Tribute

Landsharks have opened up for the Beach Boys, in concert!

A Beach Boys Tribute Band

A Beach Band

Beach Conventions

Beach Boys Tribute Bands

Landsharks: A California Band

A Beach Wedding Band

Beach Boys Sound clips
A Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band
Jimmy Buffett
Jimmy Buffett/Landsharks at Margaritaville
Landsharks at Margaritaville
Radio Margaritaville Interview
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Landsharks Lager Party
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Parrothead Clubs
A Jimmy Buffett Cover Band
Parrothead Weddings

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The Landsharks have opened up for Jimmy Buffett, and The Beach Boys, in concert!

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   The Landsharks have performed their tribute show in Florida, California, Texas, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina,  South Carolina, New York, Virginia, Maryland, Arizona, Nevada, Massachusetts, Colorado, Delaware, Maine, Connecticut, Utah, Idaho, Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri, Hawaii, The Caribbean, and anywhere in the world.
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