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 Gary And The Landsharks piece
 8 piece Input List

Items in RED and/or Underlined and and/or in Bold will be transported by the Landsharks

1.   Vocal (Guitarist)   (Gary)                Microphone  (high quality)      

2.   Vocal (Guitarist)   (Gary)                (Optional) Cordless Microphone (For Mobility in “Stage Show”)

3.  Vocal (Bassist)                                  Microphone (high quality)

4.  Vocal (Keyboardist)                         Microphone (high quality)

5.  Bass Drum                      Bass Drum Mic

6.  Snare Drum                     Mic

7.  Hi Hat                          Mic

8.  Drums                           Overhead Mic(s)

9.  Tom Drum(s)                                  Mic

10. Drum Machine (Percussion)         ¼ inch send

11. Guitar  w/Effects Pedal             ¼  inch send

12. Bass (Electric)                  ¼ inch send

13. Keyboard                                         ¼ inch send
14.  CD Player                                          Break Background Music? (tropical, Dance, etc…)

15. Steel Pan Drum(1)              Microphone

16. Steel Pan Drum(2)              Microphone

17. Sax                             Microphone

18. Trombone                       Microphone
19. Trumpet                        Microphone
20. Tom Drum                      Microphone
21. Floor Tom Drum                            Microphone
22. Keyboard                                         ¼ inch send
Please let us know what keyboard options you have
(Summary) Equipment List: (Needed)

6 to 8 Floor Monitor Speakers (each with a separate, exclusive auxiliary monitor send for each separate monitor)

10 or more direct Boxes

All necessary sound and lighting production including Microphone Stands and mics (Vocals, Drums, instruments, etc…),

All Microphones

1 Handheld Wireless Microphone (If possible),

All necessary Instrument and Speaker Wiring, Chords, Power Amps, Direct Boxes, Equalizers, Effects, Compressors, etc…,

All Lighting

All Staging for 8 piece band