Steel Drums and Horn Section Band

The Landsharks Band Steel Drummer and/or Horn Player(s) can be added to any event!

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The Landsharks Band
Steel Drummer
The Landsharks Band Horn Section
Steel Drummer Steel Drum Band Saxophone Band Band With Horns The Beach Party Band plays Concerts, Conventions, Weddings, Festivals, Fairs, Casinos, and more!
Horn Section

Orlando Horn Band

Landsharks Band STEEL DRUM Section

You can add a steel drummer and/or horn players at your Landsharks Band event!  The Landsharks Steel Drummer can play you wedding reception "steel drum Cocktail Hour" or The Landsharks Horn Players can be added to the band to add excitement and musical quality! The Landsharks have an excellent steel drummer and excellent Horn players that are trained, experienced professional musicians.
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