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Landsharks Are Fun
A Fun Band An Interactive Party Band  Fun Concerts  Audience Fun  A Party Band
Landsharks in Disney

Landsharks With Jimmy Buffett
 Jimmy Buffett  Margaritaville  A Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band A Jimmy Buffett Cover Band Radio Margaritaville Interview Parrotheads Jimmy Buffett intros Landsharks at Margaritaville  Landsharks Lager Party Parrothead Clubs Parrothead Bands Parrothead Parties Parrothead Weddings 
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Jimmy Buffett Cover Bands

Landsharks At The Beach
 A Beach Band
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Beach Conventions
A Beach Wedding Band

Landsharks with The Beach Boys
A Beach Boys Tribute Band

Landsharks In The Islands
An Island Band  A Reggae Band Florida Island Music

Why You Should Book The Landsharks
Steel Drums and Horn Section
Horn Section

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A Wedding Band
A Beach Wedding Band
Parrothead Weddings

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An Interactive Party Band
Audience Fun

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Landsharks in Disney

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Special Shows
A Tribute Band 
A Holiday Party Band Special Band Halloween Show! Landsharks Band New Years Eve Celebration!

Locations That The Landsharks have offices and/or Sound and Lighting equipment:
Florida California Carolina New Jersey Key West Orlando Vero Beach

The band travels anywhere and everywhere.

Landshark General Information
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