The Landsharks Band: Parrotheads

    The Landsharks Band is a world renown Parothead Band and The Landsharks are part of Parotthead History!  While playing in Key West, Florida at The Parrotheads In Paradise annual Meeting Of The Minds Convention, The band was joined onstage by surprise guest, Jimmy Buffett.  After playing with the band , Buffett hired the "on the spot" to play as "house band" at the brand new "Margaritaville Cafe" opening in Universal Studios, CITYWALK entertainment complex. The Landsharks played the Margaritaville gig for two years, virtually every night, and were joined onstage by Buffett several more times.  You ca hear him speaking about it HERE! Since then, the Landsharks have become the Premier Parrothead Band in the world, playing at Jimmy Buffett Tribute concerts and at parrothead events everywhere.


Dedicated to Jimmy Buffett  fans everywhere!

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Pictured Below:
A Landsharks Parrothead Band Concert! .....Fins Up!

The Landsharks Play at Margaritaville!
special guest: Jimmy Buffett!

Parrothead MOTM

The Landsharks are Pictured below playing at The Meeting Of The Minds
.....Jimmy joined them onstage a few minutes later!

Booking Info
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Parrothead Concert Band

The Landsharks "Parrothead" band with Jimmy!

Parrothead Meeting Of The Minds!

The Landshark Parrothead Band at the Cafe!

Parrothead Party List is  HERE!

Landsharks Band plays
Parrothead Weddings!
with a.....

Steel Drum Cocktail Hour!
We can play a beautiful, tropical steel drum musical set that will put your guests in the right
Key West mood!
The Landsharks perform Parrothead weddings  on a regular basis!
Weddings Without Worry!

Parrothead twins, wearing Landshark Tees, having a "Mac Attack!"

The Landsharks Band is a Parrothead Band that plays Parrothead Parties, Parrothead weddings, Parrothead Conventions,  and Parrothead events everywhere!

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Parrotthead Events and Party List

The Landsharks will be performing at Margaritaville, on March 5, 2014, at a private event!

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The Landsharks Band has played many Parrothead Parties....
Here are just a few....
Oct. 31,Nov. 2,3,4,5,6, 2000
Key West, Florida
at the Meeting Of The Minds
Parrotthead National Convention
Duval and Green Streets
Landsharks With guest Jimmy Buffett


Sept., 2000
Palm Beach Parrothead Party
Memory Night
with The Land Sharks and their Horn Section!

April 28, 2000
Palmetto Parothead Club
Columbia, South Carolina

June 10,11, 2000
Concert, Clearwater Beach, FL
Tampa Bay Parrothead Club
,Parrothead Party
On the Beach
with The Land Sharks and their Horn Section!

July 15,2000
 Treasure Coast Parrothead Party
Jensen Beach, Florida

August. 15,16,17,18,19,20, 2000
Margaritaville Cafe
 Key West, Florida 

Sept. 23, 2000
Palm Beach Parrothead Party
Memory Night
with The Land Sharks and their Horn Section!

Oct. 31, Nov. 1,2,3,4,5, 2000
Sloppy Joes Bar
Key West, Florida
at the Meeting Of The Minds
Parrotthead National Convention

Saturday, March 8th
New England Parrotheads Annual Convention
Springfield, MA


Friday, April 19th
3rd Annual Jimmy buffett Tribute Show
Clearwater Beach, FL

June 11,12,13,14,15,16


Thursday, Oct  31st, 2002
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, November 1,2,3
Jimmy Buffett
PHIP Fan Club
National Convention
Key West, Florida

Sloppy Joe's Bar

April 11, 2003
Clearwater Beach, Florida's
4th annual Jimmy Buffett Tribute Show

April 26, 2003
6-10 pm

Palm Harbor, FL
Parrothead Street Party

Friday, June 20, 2003
at Hilton Harborside!
Charleston, S.C.

June 25,26,27,28,29, 2003

in Key West, Florida

Saturday, June 28, 2003

Key West Parrothead Wedding (Daytime)

in Key West, Florida

August 2, 2003
The Coast of Carolina Parrothead Club's
"Throwback Shell Beach Party"
Murrell's Inlet, SC

August 22, 2003
Jillian's Restaurant
Columbia, SC




Don't miss the Parrot Head Party of the year!

Special guest STAN the MAN
Friday August 22nd 2003

September 27, 2003

Birthday Bash Party

Oct 4, 2003
Parrotheads For The Palm Beaches
8th annual "Memory Night"

Lake Worth, Florida

October 30th, 2003

Landsharks perform
Parrotheads in paradise
Jimmy Buffett Fan Club
2003 National  Convention
Meeting Of The Minds
The Tampa Bay Parrothead Clubs'
Welcome Party
at Schooners Wharf
Key West, Florida
Thursday, Oct 30th, 2003

Dec 13, 2003
First Flight Centennial Celebration
Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina
(Opening act for the Beach Boys)

November 2,3 2003
Key West, Florida


April 22, 2004
Jimmy Buffett Pre-Concert Party
At St. Pete Forum
Tampa, FL

April 24, 2004
Parrothead Street Party
Palm Harbor, FL

May 1, 2004
Washington D.C. Area Parrothead Party


May 8th, 2004

Palmetto Parrotheads
Columbia, S.C

July 3, 2004
Parrothead Party

If you ask anyone, their favorite part of a Buffett Concert is the "TAILGATE" - Imagine 4 to 5 days of tailgating!  Dressing casual, decorating your site, playing fun or funny games and lots of tropical music and great friends!!!!!.
The Landsharks will be performing on July 3rd!
Join us for fun in the sun on the shores of the Rifle River in Sterling, Michigan at White's Canoe.  5 FIVE days of tropical music,  fun and games for the whole family as we Party with a Purpose and leave it better than we found it for the Clean Beaches Council.  All monies raised will stay in the Great Lakes area - after all this is a PHIP Great Lakes Regional Event. 

August 10,11,12,13,14,15, 2004
Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville
Key West, Florida
Hurricane Charley Party!!!!!

August 28th, 2004
Columbia, South Carolina

Cheeseburger In Paradise
Sept 24th, 2004
Fredericksburg, Virginia

December 12,13,14,15,16,17,18 2004

April 30, 2005
Clearwater, Florida
Jimmy Buffett Tribute Concert
Pier 60

August 6, 2005

Throwback Shell Beach Party
Coast Of The Carolina Parrotheads
Atalaya Castle
Huntington Beach State Park
Murrels Inlet, South Carolina

January. 6,7,8,9,10,11, 2006
Margaritaville Cafe
 Key West, Florida 

Come on down and have a Margaritaville Party with The Landsharks!

April 2, 2006
Jimmy's party
Jimmy Buffett's movie, HOOT premier "wrap" party
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

June 9,10,11, 2006
Myrtle Beach, North Carolina

January. 9,10711,12813,14, 2007
Margaritaville Cafe
 Key West, Florida 

Come on down and have a Margaritaville Party with The Landsharks!

April 20, 2007

Cheeseburger In Paradise
Ft. Myers Florida

June 2nd
Fort White Parrothead Club
Parrothead Party
Sponsored by Landsharks Lager

June 23 2007
Tallahassee, Florida
Parrothead Concert
Landsharks Lager Concert
at The Tallahasse Stadium
The Landsharks performed backstage, for the concert  VIP Party at The Jimmy Buffett Concert!

August. 6,7,8,9,10,11 2007
Margaritaville Cafe
 Key West, Florida 

Come on down and have a Margaritaville Party with The Landsharks!

April 18, 2008
Panama City Parrothead Club
Parrothead Rendezvouz

Panama City, Florida

November, 2008


Landsharks Band
Parrotheads in Paradise
Meeting Of The Minds

Thurday Night
Casa Marina
Key West, Florida
with special guest T.C. Mitchell (Jimmy Buffett's Sax player)

May 17, 2008
Tampa Bay Parrothead Club

September 20, 2008
Parrotheads For The Palm Beaches
Memory Night Party

July 23, 2010
Galveston Bay Parrothead Club

A Mac Attack!

April 20
, 2013
Landsharks will perform at The Villages Parrot Head Club Concert!

March 1, 2014
Landsharks will perform at The New England Parrot Head Club Concert!

March 5 2014
Landsharks will perform at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville!

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