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Gary Roland And The The Landsharks BandA Parrothead Band


Dedicated to Jimmy fans everywhere!

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Pictured Below:
A Landsharks Parrothead Band Concert! .....Fins Up!

The Landsharks Play at Margaritaville!
special guest: Jimmy Buffett!

Parrothead MOTM

The Landsharks are Pictured below playing at The Meeting Of The Minds
.....Jimmy joined them onstage a few minutes later!

Booking Info
Call TOLL FREE 1-866-426-6536

Parrothead Concert Band

The Landsharks "Parrothead" band with Jimmy!

Parrothead Meeting Of The Minds!

The Landshark Parrothead Band at the Cafe!

Parrothead Party List is  HERE!

Landsharks Band plays
Parrothead Weddings!
with a.....

Steel Drum Cocktail Hour!
We can play a beautiful, tropical steel drum musical set that will put your guests in the right
Key West mood!
The Landsharks perform Parrothead weddings  on a regular basis!
Weddings Without Worry!

The Landsharks Band is also a Parrothead Party Band that plays Parrothead Parties, Parrothead weddings, Parrothead Conventions,  and Parrothead events everywhere!

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