Key West Band: The Landsharks Band

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The Landsharks: A Key West Band

       The Landsharks are a Key West Legend and are part of Key West History. The band has played in Key West, in concert with Jimmy Buffett.  They've played many shows at Margaritaville, Sloppy Joes, and other famous Key West bars and nightclubs. They were famous Key West treasure hunter, Mel Fisher's favorite band. The Landsharks have also played at the Parottheads in Paradise (PHIP) Jimmy Buffett Fan Club's annual Meeting Of The Minds Convention several times. The Landsharks also play at many Key West Weddings, Key West Conventions, Key West Party events, and more. The band can play all of your favorite Key West style songs as well as The Landsharks HUGE SONG LIST!
       The Landsharks band has played in Key West, in concert with Jimmy Buffett.  The band has played many times at Margaritaville, Key West, at Sloppy Joes, Key West, at Schooners Wharf, at Ricks Key West, and at several other Key West Hotels and Resorts and Key West Bars and Nightclubs.  The Landsharks often play in Key West.  The band has played at many great Key West Weddings including weddings at Casa Marina, The Hyatt Key West, The Southernmost House, The Truman Annex, The Hilton, The Pierhouse, The Ocean Key House, and at several other Key West wedding locations. 

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The Landsharks: In Concert with Jimmy Buffett in Key West

The Landsharks Band was performing a concert in front of Sloppy Joes Bar on Greene St. and Duval St., when Jimmy Buffett (A Key West lifetime resident and legend) joined the band onstage.  Key West went crazy!  After playing with the band, Buffett hired The Land Sharks to play as the house band at his new Margaritaville Cafe, in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios CITYWALK. The Landsharks played the house band gig in Orlando for 2 years and then began playing concerts all over the world.  Buffett, who is legendary for showing up in the most far away, exotic places and "sitting in" with local musicians, would show up often and sit in and play with the Landsharks and rock the entire theme park!

The Landsharks Band plays at Key West Parties, Concerts, Conventions, Weddings, and more!

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The Landsharks were a Favorite band of Mel Fisher's.  The famous treasure hunter was a regular at The Patio Restaurant in Vero Beach and also at Marvin Gardens, in Vero Beach.  The "Mel Fisher Treasure Museum" is now located in Key West, Florida.

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The Living Legend: Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett is known to show up in the most far-away, unlikely places.  Often, he sits-in with the local bands. Of course, it's only natural that the local band asks him to sit in, and he usually complies. As a witness to some of these impromptu performances, I can tell you that no one enjoys them more than Jimmy Buffett, himself!  Buffett has become known as one of the most versatile artists, today.  His repertoire is so wide that it's amazing that he manages to do it all and still find time to head to Key West every once in a while to go fishing!  He commands his own radio station on SIRIUS radio (Radio Margaritaville) that constantly plays different versions of his over 400 songs, concerts, interviews, and so much more. There is also a large network of Parrothead Bands, Jimmy Buffett Tribute Bands, and bands that play Jimmy Buffett songs. And actually, the radio station is excellent in that it not only plays Jimmy Buffett songs, put plays music form the personal favorites of Buffett, which appear to include a widely diversified blend of musicians from all over the world.  The station also boasts some of the finest DJs around.

Jimmy Buffett has definitely been the artist/musician most associated with Key West.  Mr. Buffett's song "Margaritaville" has come to virtually define the island. Buffett escaped to Key West after leaving Nashville in a hurry, leaving behind the old-school, good-ole-boy Nashville scene, fed up. The original Margaritaville Cafe is still located on Duval Street in Key West. And Jimmy still "pops-in" every once in awhile.  The Landsharks have performed with Jimmy Buffett in Key West, in concert on Duval and Greene St., and also at Margaritaville Cafe in Orlando. 

Key West has been home to some of the best artists in history including legendary singer-songwriter / Author / Restaurateur and Key West lifetime resident, Jimmy Buffett.  Other famous past Key West residents include Tennessee Williams, Ernest Hemingway, President Harry S. Truman, Writer Shel Silverstein, and many other famous artists.

Key West Band: The Landsharks

Gary Roland and Landsharks, with special guest, Jimmy Buffett, at Margaritaville. 


The Landsharks Opening up for Jimmy Buffett in Key West, Florida.  Buffett later joined the Landsharks onstage for an impromptu set.

The Landsharks Band

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