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The Landsharks Band is a Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band that plays Jimmy Buffett Tribute Shows all over the world!
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The only Jimmy Buffett Band that has performed with Jimmy Buffett in Key West, Florida and at Margaritaville Cafe  in Orlando Florida!
Landsharks Band
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Pictured Below:
he Landsharks Band with Jimmy Buffett
at Margaritaville Cafe, in Orlando, Florida!

The Landsharks Band

A Jimmy Buffett
Cover Band

Pictured Below:
The Landsharks Band with
Jimmy Buffett in concert in Key West, Florida!

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Landsharks Play Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville, Key West, Florida.
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A Jimmy Buffett Wedding Band

Parrothead Weddings!
A Landsharks Band "Jimmy Buffett Tribute Show" Poster....
The Landsharks band is a Parrothead Band that can play at your Parrothead Party!

The Landsharks Band has play Parrothead Parties all over the world!
The Landsharks have performed their Jimmy Buffett Tribute Show for Parrothead Clubs and at Parrothead parties all over the world!
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A Landsharks Band Jimmy Buffett Tribute Concert! (Below)

    The Landsharks Band is the world's premier Jimmy Buffet Tribute Band. This tribute band is one of the best tribute bands around! The band combines crack-musicianship with a fun and entertaining show.  And the band's credentials are amazing, to say the least. The Landsharks have played with Jimmy Buffett in concert, in Key West, Florida, and at Margaritaville And they've played Jimmy Buffett tribute shows and parrothead parties, all over the world! ! The Landsharks are FUN and they know how to work a crowd! Just ask Jimmy Buffett himself; after playing with The Landsharks Band in concert in Key West, Florida, Buffet praised the band and  hired them "on the spot" to be the house band at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Cafe at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Click HERE to listen to Jimmy Buffett talking about playing with The Landsharks, in a Radio interview with Steve Huntington, on Radio Margaritaville.  If you are looking for the best tribute band, and particularly, the best Jimmy Buffett Tribute band or Jimmy Buffett Cover Band, then visit the following website.....


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A Twin Mac Attack!


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Why you should book the Landsharks Band to play your Jimmy Buffett Tribute Show!.........
      The Landsharks Band is the only Jimmy Buffet Tribute Band to play with Jimmy Buffett in Key West and at Margaritaville!  The Landsharks are FUN!  The Landsharks know how to work a crowd! .......Just ask Jimmy Buffett himself.  After playing with The Landsharks Band in concert in Key West, Florida Buffet praised the band and  hired them "on the spot" to be the house band at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Cafe at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. After later playing with The Landsharks at Margaritaville Orlando,  Buffet, in a Radio Margaritaville interview, said that he'd had a lot of fun and that the Landsharks were great and really knew how to put on a show.  He added that up until playing with The Landsharks he'd been afraid to allow bands to play his music at Margaritaville, but after playing with the Landsharks he decided to allow it. He also later said on stage at Universal Studio's Margaritaville Cafe that when he'd played with the Band in Key West, "The Landsharks knew the songs better than I did!" Of course Mr. Buffett has over 400 songs, so it's expected that every once in a while, he might flub a lyric or two....but you get the point.
       Unlike many Parrothead bands, The Landsharks Band is a group of excellent musicians that work very to play the Jimmy Buffett songs to the highest level of excellence possible.  All The parts are there.....Steel Drums, Horns, Guitar, drums and percussion, Bass , Keyboards and Piano, and Vocals. And The Landsharks nail them!.....Exactly like the record and then some!
       The difference between some of the other Jimmy Buffett Tribute Bands and The Landsharks Band, is that in addition to playing "Landsharks Jimmy Buffett Tribute Shows" for many years, The Landsharks have also played at all types of other events including Concerts, Conventions, Fairs, Festivals, Weddings,  and just about any other type of event for almost twenty years! And in addition to being able to play so many Jimmy Buffett songs, The Landsharks also have a HUGE SONGLIST of other songs and styles of music.  The Landsharks can play songs from the 50's 60's. 70.s, 80's 90's and today's hits, too.  They play Rock, Top 40, dance music, and also Parrothead favorites such as Reggae, Calypso, Beach Music, Beach Boys, Tropical, Steel Drum music, Island music and more. The Landsharks were Jimmy Buffett fans and were playing Jimmy Buffett songs long before parrotheads came into existence and also learned to survive by playing EVERYTHING!
        One highlight of The Landsharks' career was being chosen from over two hundred bands (many of them were Jimmy Buffett tribute bands) to be opening act for the Beach Boys Band at The one hundred year anniversary of "First Flight Centennial" in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, An major event that even The President Of The United States attended.
       The Landsharks were also selected to perform for this year's Super Bowl Victory Party in Jacksonville, Florida! The event went so well that The New Englan Patriots added another night of performance!
       The Landsharks are currently working on finishing their first CD.  The CD has been recorded at Jimmy Buffett's Recording Studio in Key West, Florida, at Orlando, Florida's Parc Studios, and also at Phat Planet Studios in Orlando.  The Cd is full of catchy songs with titles like "It's O.K., I'm With The Band," "The Big Bamboo," "All The Right Women (With All The Wrong men)," "Man Smart, Women Smarter," I Feel A Tequila (Comin' On)" and more.  The Landsharks worked hard at writing some of the songs and taken great care in selecting the others. The CD is scheduled to be released soon.
       Just like Buffett, being fun and entertaining is easy for the Landsharks.  In addition to playing most Buffett songs, they have an incredible songlist of so many different styles of music that they can play virtually any type of event. They have played concerts, corporate conventions, weddings, fairs, festivals, casinos, and just about any other type of event you can imagine, in just about every possible scenario there is. Every event is unique in its' own way.  The Landsharks specialize in making the sound, the look, the wardrobe, the equipment, the interaction, the presentation, the timing, the song list, and every other element of the event is just right FOR YOU! 
      The Landsharks often perform in Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida and have played for a list of major corporations that has too many to mention.  May of these doctors lawyers, etc. were Jimmy Buffett fans!  To name just a few....Microsoft, AMGEN, SUNN Microsystems, Prudential, NBC, ABC,  and for most of the major corporations in the world......the list goes on and on. The Landsharks were also the house band at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville, Universal Studios in Orlando Florida for two years.
         But more importantly, the Landsharks will make your Jimmy Buffett Tribute Show FUN!.  No matter what you ask of them, The Landsharks will make it fun!  If your having a concert, festival, or fair and want a fun and interactive band that will really please the crowd,  that's easy for The Landsharks!  The Landsharks have traveled the country playing Jimmy Buffett songs as well as all other styles of music for years. If you prefer a quiet ambience and "atmosphere" at your event, the Landsharks are all excellent, trained life-long musicians that can play just about anything. There wardrobe is also very sophisticated and includes the full range of possible event scenarios.
         The bottom line is that if you hire them, you get it all!  You get top-notch musicians with vast experience that know how to entertain and also know how important your event is to you.  They also know how to play your favorite Jimmy Buffett songs the way they should be played!  Please take a look at the rest of the web page and feel free to email us or call us TOLL FREE at 1-866-426-6536.
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