Landsharks Band History

The Landsharks Band

       The Landsharks Band was formed in Vero Beach, Florida by Gary Roland. After landing an audition at Disney World, Orlando, the band quickly became one of the most sought after beach bands in the country, and began playing shows regularly in Disney, and all over the world. At one particular show(Parrotheads In Paradise MOTM (Meeting of The Minds) National Convention), in Key West, Florida, Jimmy Buffett, a Key West resident, joined the band onstage.  After performing with the Landsharks, Buffett hired them, on the spot, to play, as the "house band", at his soon to be opened, Margaritaville Cafe, in Orlando, Florida. 
       The Landsharks began playing concerts everywhere, and began to travel the world, including opening up for The Beach Boys, several times. The Landsharks continue to play over the world and have played at some of the greatest events and venues including playing, several times, at The Super Bowl.
       The Landsharks are fun and interactive and there is nothing like a Landsharks concert!

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