The Landsharks is a Fun and Interactive Band!

Hear Jimmy Buffett Speaking about
his performances with The Landsharks

 Jimmy Buffett recommending  Landsharks
Jimmy Buffett Speaking During a Margaritaville Concert.

 Jimmy Buffett/Landsharks Radio Margaritaville Interview
Radio Margaritaville interview with Jimmy Buffett talking about playing with The Landsharks at Margaritaville, the night before.

Jimmy Buffet is legendary for showing up in the most exotic far away places and being ask to "sit in" with the band.  He usually includes some songs that you never would have imagined he would, or could, play, as well as some of his staples including "Margaritaville", "Cheeseburger In Paradise", and many more. Click on the links above to here Jimmy speaking about one of these magical nights when Jimmy shows up, sits in with Landsharks, and blows the house away!

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The Landsharks have performed over 500 times at Margaritaville!

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The Landsharks have performed over 200 shows in Disney

......including band performances at such venues as Pleasure Island, MGM Studios, Typhoon Lagoon, The Caribbean Beach Resort And Yacht Club, The Rock And Roll Beach Club, The Swan and Dolphin Hotels and Resorts, The Grand Floridian Hotel, and pretty much, ....everywhere!

The Landsharks played at The Super Bowl!

The band played two parties for the victorious New England Patriots in 2005! The game was in Jacksonville, but the team stayed at The World Golf Village, outside of Jacksonville. Other entertainers included The Black-Eyed Peas and Snoop Dog.....That's right!...Snoop Dog, Black-Eyed Peas, and Landsharks...all on the same bill! In 2009, The Landsharks played several Super Bowl Parties at the stadium. This past year, , The Landsharks played at the NBC television Super Bowl Pre-Game Party AT THE SUPER BOWL.

The Landsharks played a convention for Microsoft Corporation

At a Microsoft Convention that the Landsharks played at The Dolphin Hotel at Disney World, a man disguised as Bill Gates flew in a jet-pack from the roof of the huge Dolphin Hotel and landed, to tumultuous applause, behind the podium.  He then walked through a curtained area behind the podium, where the real Bill Gates then emerged to speak to the Microsoft employees.

The Landsharks played a beach party with Gilligan!

The Landsharks played a Gilligan's Island party with the REAL Gilligan, Bob Denver! Bob was a great guy and actually sat in with band and played various percussion instruments.

The Landsharks played Disney NFL Quarterback Challenge

For several years, This was an event attended by Dan Marino, Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham, Joe Kelly, Boomer Esiason, and the "who's who" of quarterbacks, at the time!

The Landsharks played with Miami author, Dave Barry

A guest at a private party in Gianni Versace's mansion, Dave joined the Landsharks, onstage and rocked the party! Besides being a famous Florida journalist, Dave is also a member of the famous rock band of "famous authors".  Another famous member of the band is novelist, Stephen King.

The Landsharks are a Fun and interactive Band!

Hula Hoop Contest !

Is He Playing with his teeth?

Landsharks Limbo Dance!

Calypso Steel Drum Music by Landsharks (Instrumental)-
This is a recording of the Landsharks Playing a a medley of famous island songs.

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