Landsharks  Band Fan Testimonials
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1. JIMMY BUFFETT (Radio Interview)

Sound clip #1
In this clip, Jimmy Buffett discusses the Landsharks with Radio Margaritaville DJ, Steve Huntington......


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2. JIMMY BUFFETT (Speaking Onstage before performing with Landsharks)
SoundClip #2 - In this clip, Jimmy Buffett discusses being backed up by the Landsharks in Key West, Florida
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Soundclip 2-  Jimmy Buffett at Margaritaville, Orlando

Jimmy says......

3. Serena's Wedding (10-25-08, St. Augustine, FL)
The Landsharks played a wedding in St. Augustine, Florida. 

Hello Gary,

    I just wanted to send a quick note thanking you all for our wedding.  The band was AMAZING! They new how to get people up and dancing on the floor. We had a lot of my parents family friends and adults there, as well as, a lot of our friends (younger) and the music they played had everyone dancing. Most of my parents friends, I had NEVER seen dancing before and they were all having a blast. The music was perfectly in line with what I had envisioned, "fun music that everyone can dance to" and that is exactly what happened. I am also so grateful that the band was willing to learn our first dance and father daughter dance songs. That is something that was hard to find and the fact that they took the time to learn the music, meant so much to me! Most bands we looked into would just play a tape for those songs if they didn't know them, but they knew how important those moments were to us and it really showed.

    Again, thank you so much for all your hard work and TRULY making our wedding one of a kind.  Having a band brought a different kind of energy to our wedding that you don't find with a DJ. I think the biggest surprise I had was when they busted out with 'bringing sexy back"! That was awesome! haha. Also, I really appreciated them staying to the things I asked, like not playing YMCA or Macarena or what not. I have been to events where people ask that and it doesn't happen. You truly listened and respected our wishes and the fun that they brought showed on the dance floor. Everyone had such a great time and that would not have happened, could not have happened, without the right band and music! Thank you again for everything.

10-25-2008 St. Augustine, Florida, Wedding

Brittany's wedding Blog

Brittany's Florida wedding was at The Ritz Carlton, Grande Lakes, in Orlando, Florida.  She posted a blog about Florida weddings at

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