Gary Roland And The Landsharks Band


......The perfect band for your holiday party!



Gary And The Landsharks Band
                                                         ......will make your holiday party or Christmas party memorable! The Band can play a special Christmas show that includes many of your favorite Christmas Songs, old and new.
The Landsharks have a HUGE Songlist!


The Landsharks have played corporate Christmas Parties in Disney, at Universal Studios, at Margaritaville, and at many other major convention centers, hotels, resorts, theme parks and other venues for many major corporations including events for Microsoft Corporation, AT&T, Toyota, MacDonalds, etc..

     Are you afraid of having too much fun? Then watch out for The Landsharks!  As one of the most well-known, well-liked and in-demand bands in the country, they have also performed throughout the world in thousands of concerts and shows! The Landsharks have appeared with Jimmy Buffett in concert, and also at Margaritaville. The Landsharks have opened up for The Beach Boys. in concert, and also performed at the Super Bowl victory party for The New England Patriots, and at a NBC Televion's Soper Bowl Pre-Game event, at the Super Bowl!  Recently, they had the honor of entertaining our U.S. Navy troops at a special performance.

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Santa Claus Is Coming To Town


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